Mr. Graham’s Poetry Unit

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30 Days of Poetry

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Student Activity:

I borrowed this unit plan from another teacher who has had remarkable success with her ninth grade students.  Many of them have become published authors using these techniques.  Try it.  Like broccoli or bacon, you may find that you like it.      

The Day number is your link to the lessons.   Each lesson gives you a format to follow and student examples.  In many cases your teacher will direct you to write more than one poem in a lesson.  This gives you an opportunity to use the form and, most often, create an even better poem in doing so.

Enjoy your lessons!  When you have finished, I would like to know how you did and how you liked the lessons.  You can write me at my email address 

Day 1: Concrete Poetry

Day 16: Writing About Weather

Day 2:  Synonym Poetry

Day 17: Month Metaphors

Day 3:  Opposites

Day 18: Image Poems

Day 4:  List Poems

Day 19: Sense Poems

Day 5:  Three Word Forms

Day 20: Contrast Poetry

Day 6:  I Don't Understand...

Day 21: Object Poem

Day 7:  Just Because...

Day 22: First Lines/Last Lines

Day 8:  I Am...(version 1)

Day 23: Bull Durham Credo

Day 9:  I Am...(version 2)

Day 24: Japanese-like Poems

Day 10: Diamonte

Day 25: Write About Yourself/Others

Day 11: Cinquain

Day 26: Rhetorical Questions

Day 12: Portraits and Pals

Day 27: Pantoum

Day 13: Formula Poems

Day 28: Sestina

Day 14: More Formula Poems

Day 29: Performance Poetry

Day 15: Emotions and Actions

Day 30: Chap Books

Student examples come from the works of students in grades 9-12.  The students retain the copyrights to their works and the poems are printed with parental permission.


A Note to Parents/ Guardians:

If you are reading this, your student has asked you to visit my page.  Congratulations!  You have earned your student five bonus points to be used in this class!  Simply e-mail me at the address here.  These are the lessons and work my students (and yours, obviously) are doing the first part of this semester.  Begin with January 2, and work your way forward with each day we’re in class.  That’s what we’re doing that day in class.  All work is due the next day, unless otherwise indicated.  No excuses.  I accept no late work, so the kids need to do the stuff they’re asked to do.  (It’s not much, as you can see.)